Collection: Les Mondes de ma Table

It is not possible to be exploring outside places all the time. Using my hands, a cutter, cardborad, foam, paint and glue, I create small worlds at home, on a table.
As the process takes a while, I currently only produce one or two of those image each year.
Everything you see on the image is physically present, you can see some behind the scene images lower on the page.

Behind the scenes

It is all real...

When you first discover those images, you might think that this is a 3D render, but it exists physically at the moment I shoot the photo. There is minimal post production, mainly to make the colors perfect.

... and built from scratch.

I am sculpting each element carefully, but rarely taking mesurements !
Shaky lines are very welcome in the result, because it brings a beautiful cartoonish spirit.

Then comes the light.

It can be enlighten by speedlights, or with continuous lights.
The smoke is also made during the photoshoot !